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Google has just now announced an update to their webmaster tool - also called Google Search Console (GSC). It allows to show you, as a webmaster, detailed crawl statistics of your site. For example, how and which bots Google uses to crawl the different resources. We have taken a closer look at it.

With the new report function the search engine has made it easier for all SEO specialists, developers and webmasters to get an overview of Google's crawl of your website. The feature draws strong parallels to the previous report featurewhich is not as comprehensive and detailed.

The new feature gives you a simple and easy way to fix errors that you may have missed (e.g. missing redirects). The following features have been added: 

  1. Total number of crawl requests that Google has performed on your site broken down by response code, file type, crawl purpose and Googlebot type (the latter refers to which user agent has visited your site)
  2. Host status details - including robots.txt retrieval, DNS translation and server connection
  3. Examples of URLs where Google has requested crawling
  4. Support for multiple domain properties and hosts
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Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

What can you see in statistics for the crawl report?

The report shows where many crawl requests the search engine has made on your site over a certain period of time. In addition, you can also view the total amount of data downloaded and the average response time.


How should you interpret the answers?

The answers are broken down into different tables, so you can best identify any errors - and fix them before Google visits your site again. You can see the breakdown below - or visit Google Search Console and the new feature yourselfso you can see the stats for your sites that you have access to.


Why is it relevant?

Google has provided access to a wide range of reports and statistics through their webmaster tool. This time, however, they have outdone themselves by giving us useful data on which to act if crawling problems are experienced. You can read much more about the new feature in Google's documentation on the crawl statistics report right here.

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