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Succeed with off-page SEO

There are several disciplines that must be mastered if you are to succeed with off-page SEO. Search engine optimisation is not only about what actually happens on your website - the external aspects have a big influence.

At Webamp , our SEO specialists offer effective off-page SEO that ensures your website is seen in search results and receives relevant traffic. If you want to try to get results on your own, read on.

Nicolai Vittrup
Last updated: May 16, 2023

Off-page SEO strengthens your optimization

What is off-page SEO? Is it only about linkbuilding? Off-page SEO is not just about link building, but as a SEO specialist, you have to admit that it is the biggest parameter. What happens OUTSIDE your website has a big impact on your rankings and that is why off-page SEO is at least as important as technical SEO and on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is in short the part of SEOthat tells Google what others think of your website.

What areas of work are included in off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO consists of several different aspects. This includes getting traffic to the website through:

  • External link building
  • Google My Business
  • Social media
  • Reviews on the web.

If you want to know how we can help you with off-page SEO, you are more than welcome to give us a call on +45 70 60 50 28 or send an email to info@webamp.dk. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

External link building - get a strong link profile

It is in the word that link building is really about building links. The more pages that link to your website, the better it looks in "google terms". The rationale behind this is that if other sites are linking to your site, the content must be good and relevant for good reasons. A strong link profile has a huge impact on your SEO .

In this context, link building can be equated to ordinary recommendations. The more recommendations something has, the better it must be - that's how it works with links, and Google rewards that with high rankings.

But does it matter where the links come from? The short answer is: No, it certainly isn't. Google's algorithms today are some of the most advanced available. Link building is therefore about finding relevant, strong, traffic-generating links that create value for you and your business - a few high quality ones rather than many poor ones.

Credibility, credibility and more credibility

Finding the right balance in link building is therefore key - credibility is the key word. Therefore, if the pages linking to your website are not credible, Google will also consider your page as untrustworthy and you may risk that the link does not achieve the effect you want.

The following parameters influence good link building:

  • How popular a page the link comes from.
  • How much relevance the page the link comes from has to your page.
  • The relevance of the anchor text to the link.
  • The credibility of the page from which the link comes.
  • The number of links to other pages on your website.

In short, link building is not just about getting links. It's just as much about strategising in a way that makes sense for the website you want to rank higher.

Tools for external link building

One of the most indispensable tools for link building is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a tool that shows exactly what links you have, where they come from and which ones your competitors have.

In addition, the tool also shows when a link has been lost or added. In short, it is one of the best tools for creating off-page SEO.

Google My Business - your online business profile

Does your business have a Google My Business? If not, you could be missing out on some potential customers. Plus, it's completely free to have a business profile on Google, so there's no excuse not to set one up.

Why is Google My Business included in off-page SEO?

  • Traffic comes to your website.
  • Google gets a better understanding of your services and/or products.
  • Google loves that we use their tools.
  • Google prioritizes local searches.
  • A company profile creates visibility and brand awareness.
  • It strengthens your company's credibility.
  • You can create products that drive traffic to your sales pages.

In addition, the customer experience is crucial for Google - but certainly also for your business. By making your information easily accessible, you will certainly be rewarded by Google as well as your current and potential customers.

Want to create or optimise your current company profile? Then you might want to read my guide to Google My Business.

Google My Business i off page SEO

Generate traffic through your social media

Traffic is a major ranking factor. If Google can see that traffic is coming to your landing pages through social media posts - well, that's only positive. Below you can read how social media traffic can boost your SEO.

Social media traffic can boost SEO through:

  • Quality links: Social media links, especially from reputable sources, can help boost your website's domain and page score.

  • Content sharing: when users share your content on their own social media platforms, it can result in additional backlinks to your website (link building), which can boost your site's relevance and popularity.

  • Increased visibility: social media can strengthen your company's brand awareness and build your reputation online. This can lead to more traffic and higher rankings in search results.

  • Improved usability: social media can provide input on how users interact with your website, which can lead to improvements in usability, which in turn can lead to a better user experience and higher rankings.

  • Relevance: search engines assess a website's relevance based on its content, backlinks and social interactions. A strong social media presence can increase the relevance of your website for Google's robots.

Reviews - positive publicity is key

Did you know that your reviews on Trustpilot, Google My Business and Facebook, for example, can have a positive impact on your SEO? That's why reviews are an important part of off-page SEO.

Positive reviews and a high rating can first and foremost increase trust in your brand and lead to more traffic and engagement on your website. In addition, Google also takes reviews and ratings into account in their algorithms, so a high rating can help improve your site's ranking in search results.

Get more reviews from your customers by:

  • Ask directly - you can ask your customers to write a review by sending them an email or asking at the next meeting.

  • Offer a reward - you can offer a small reward, such as a discount code or a free product, to customers who write a review.

  • Make it easy - Make it easy for customers to leave a review by giving them a direct link to your review page, or by embedding review collection directly on your website.

  • Respond to reviews - Show that you read and care about your customers' feedback by responding to their reviews, both positive and negative.

  • Make it part of your customer service - Include a request for a review as part of your customer service process, for example by asking customers if they are satisfied with their purchase after they have received their product.

Get help with off-page SEO

Do you need SEO advice? Get help from a professional digital marketing agency to make sure your off-page SEO is done right.

You can contact me or one of my colleagues by phone 70 60 50 28 or by filling in our contact form.

FAQ - off page SEO

What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO deals with the external factors that can affect your rankings on Google. These include Google My Business, external link building and reviews on Trustpilot.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, also called Google Business Profile, is your online business card on Google. In particular, your GMB boosts your business' visibility in local search results.

What is external link building?

External link building is about getting other websites to link to yours. Link building aims to drive even more traffic to your website so that Google considers it valuable and trustworthy.

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