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Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy refers to a company's overall action plan for reaching potential consumers. Ultimately, this should turn them into paying customers of the company's products or services. A good marketing strategy is data-driven - based on both internal and external analysis.

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Last updated: 6. dec. 2022

Get a long-term marketing strategy

A long-term marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that helps you achieve your business goals. This type of marketing strategy involves planning so you know what to do next. For example, you may want to sell more products, increase profits, get better customer service, etc. To make sure you achieve all your goals, you need to put together a long-term marketing strategy.

The goal of a long-term marketing strategy is to develop a plan that allows your business to grow and thrive - now and in the future. To do this, it's important to consider all aspects of your business. You should consider everything from your products and services to your customers and their needs.

Good marketing strategies

We've put together an overview below of possible ways to market your business. Depending on your budget, industry, etc., some options will be more advantageous than others. Of course, if the budget allows, it is ideal to market yourself in as many ways as possible.

Good strategies could be, for example:

SEO, Google Ads or SoMe marketing

Search engine optimisation is incredibly effective if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers on Google. Search engine optimisation allows your business to be noticed by potential customers searching for your services or products.

Google Ads has something for businesses of all sizes with different budgets and advertising objectives. Paid advertising on Google allows you to reach a wide range of audiences.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. If you want to stay relevant and reach potential customers, it is beneficial to use online marketing on all platforms. Today, business owners want to use social media as part of their overall strategy to increase their online presence. Whether marketing should be done on Facebook, Snapchat or Pinterest depends on your service or products as well as your target audience.

Frequently asked questions

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is an overall plan to enable potential customers to become aware of your services or products. The aim of most strategies is either to achieve brand awareness or to connect with potential customers.

What does a marketing strategy contain?

A marketing strategy sets out the company's plan to achieve maximum visibility and attract the most potential customers. It provides a comprehensive overview of all planned marketing activities and a timetable for their execution.

Why do you need a marketing strategy?

The purpose of a long-term marketing strategy is to develop a plan that gives you the best chance of reaching potential customers.

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