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Everything you need to know about dynamic advertising

At Webamp we work with both traditional and dynamic Google Ads-campaigns.

You're probably familiar with traditional promotion, where you manually adjust your campaigns and ads according to a set of derived search terms. 

Dynamic advertising optimises this process and instead works to target and tailor your ads to specific search terms that the customer is looking for on Google - based on the content from your page.

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Last updated: 25. jan. 2023

Why is it smart?

Google is very likely to find new relevant search terms on your websitethat you may not have thought of when you wrote the content. This can inspire you to expand into new campaign and ad groups.

If your website has many categories and products, dynamic advertising also helps to fill in the "gaps" and tailor your ads to a wide range of searches. So you don't have to spend man-hours targeting your many categories and pages with search terms.

What is dynamic advertising?

In short, dynamic advertising - also called Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) - is a way for Google to analyse your page and find search terms to show your ads to. At the same time, Google adapts the headlines of your ads according to relevant search terms that a potential customer searches for on Google. 

You're thinking: How does Google do this?

Google crawls your website and analyses which products and services you offer on your site. What Google's robots extract is used to display your ads on relevant search terms - at the same time, Google uses the content (titles and phrases) to link to a specific landing page from your website and generate a dynamic headline for your associated ad. 

"Dynamic" in this sense means that Google changes the headline of the ad depending on what your potential customer is looking for. In this way, dynamic advertising increases your Quality Score and lowers click-through rates (PPC), so you get more for your money.

Who can use dynamic advertising?

Dynamic advertising is not for those who have a website that changes quickly - for example, with new products or offers every day. 

To get the most out of dynamic advertising, your website needs well-written HTML titles and clear content that describes the products or services you offer your customers. 

If your website needs a boost, we at Webamp have our own SEO-specialists (hyperlink) who help optimise the content of your landing pages. Relevant content on your page is important as this is what Google's web crawling technology analyses and uses to produce the headlines for your ads.

If your website consists mostly of Flash content, images or requires a login for the user to access the content, it can be difficult for dynamic search ads to identify themes and terms on the website. You should therefore consider whether the format of your website is suitable for dynamic advertising. Our experienced PPC specialists will be happy to help you find the optimal solution for your advertising.

Disadvantages of dynamic advertising?

Dynamic advertising is undoubtedly super smart and has a lot of useful benefits! But that doesn't mean it's the right match for every type of website. 

Advantages almost always come with disadvantages, and we'll go through them for you so you can decide whether dynamic advertising is right for you.

DSA automates your ads, but it also means you leave control to Google and there is a risk of errors or misunderstandings in the ads. 

If you forget to set your current keywords as negative, you risk them competing with your existing "normal" campaigns. In addition, you need to continually monitor your Search Term Report so that your ads aren't reaping from negative search terms and costing you more money than they should. 

Dynamic ad headlines are "dynamic", so marketers need to let go of control and rely on Google's technology. If you want full control over your ads' headlines, dynamic advertising is not the right solution for you.

Must Webamp help you make your ads dynamic?

I hope you have a basic understanding of dynamic advertising. 

Although there are many sides to DSA, we have only just scratched the surface. If you want to know more about dynamic advertising and how it can benefit your business contact Webamp today and let's have a chat about how we can make your ads dynamic.

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