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Auto-generated texts

As times change, there are huge advances in the digital universe that are radically changing many industries. Particularly on the SEO and SEM front, technological advances have been a game changer, with AI software such as Open AI's popular chatbot, ChatGPT, taking the world by storm. ChatGPT is a language model based on artificial intelligence that can respond to most things and generate large amounts of text very quickly.

Andrea Jensen
- copywriter
Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

An introduction to autogenerated texts

Autogenerated texts are the results of software or systems, typically powered by artificial intelligence, that automatically produce written content based on specified input. These systems can use a variety of algorithms and databases to construct sentences, paragraphs and even entire articles without human intervention.

The main benefit of auto-generated texts is the ability to quickly produce large amounts of content, which can be useful for companies that need to populate content on their websites, create product descriptions or generate reports based on data.

However, there are also challenges. The quality of the content generated can vary and questions of originality and authenticity can arise. Therefore, human review is often necessary to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content.

For marketing agencies, such as Webamp, understanding autogenerated texts can be crucial to navigating the digital marketing world, offering a new method of content production that can be integrated with traditional approaches.

The above piece of text is 100% AI-written, by the way, and it's a testament to how AI-produced/autogenerated content can shake SEO- and the SEM world to its core. But even though auto-generated SEO texts are fast (and often well-written), they can bring with them challenges that can negatively affect your website.

How do auto-generated texts affect your SEO success?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website and its content to achieve a better ranking in the organic search results of search engines like Google. 

Organic search results are all search results that do not involve paid advertising. A strong SEO strategy is essential for digital success because a higher ranking often leads to more traffic and potentially more conversions - that is, more visitors who become customers of your business.

Autogenerated texts are written using artificial intelligence and they can be a huge SEO help because it becomes possible to produce huge amounts of text in a very short time.

In addition, you can provide AI tools such as the popular chatbot, ChatGPT, with prompts that can influence your texts in a desired direction. For example, you can specify what tone of voice you want the language to have. Let's take an example by giving ChatGPT the same prompt twice, asking it to write with a different tone of voice:

Auto-generated texts

That's quite a difference. Auto-generated content can boost your SEO if you are good at working with AI text and know how to "feed" it with prompts and facts so that it spits out useful and good texts. However, there is a but!

Disadvantages of AI-written content

The key to a good SEO strategy is to create a good experience for both users and bots. In other words, it's important that both the people who visit your website and the search engines that will rank your website understand your content and think it's both good and relevant.

While autogenerated texts can be technically correct and relevant, they can lack the human depth that both users and search engine algorithms value. Excessive use of autogenerated texts can negatively affect your bounce rate, meaning users leave your website after visiting just one landing page

Conversely, a balanced integration of auto-generated content, supplemented with human editing, can strengthen a SEO strategy by delivering greater volumes of text - without the need to compromise on quality.

Should you use auto-generated content on your website?

The short answer is yes - but in moderation.

If auto-generated content is cleverly combined with human eyes and good editing, you can create large amounts of text that both grab your visitors' attention and stand out in the eyes of search engines SEO. 

If the world of SEO seems overwhelming, it can be beneficial to have a professional partner to help boost your SEO strategy and produce great content for your website. 

Webamp is a seasoned SEO agency with years of experience - and we're ready to give your business a digital boost. Get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can help you get results.

Test your knowledge?

What are autogenerated texts?

Auto-generated texts are content created using artificial intelligence without human intervention.

Are auto-generated texts good for SEO?

The quality of the content is crucial. If the content is relevant and meaningful, they can certainly benefit your SEO.

Is autogenerated content always low quality?

It doesn't have to be. With good prompts, the quality of auto-generated content can be high.

How can auto-generated content affect user experience?

If not implemented well, it can lead to a negative user experience as the content can seem generic.

Can autogenerated content replace human copywriters?

Although technology is rapidly evolving, human-generated content can have nuances and depth that machines can't yet fully replicate.

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