Isabella Svartzengren

Isabella Svartzengren

Project Manager

About Isabella Svartzengren

Read articles and guides written by Isabella Svartzengren. Isabella writes about branding, PR and copywriting.

Isabella is Webamp's branding octopus, and her area of interest is also within PR, branding and outreach. In Webamp she is, among other things, the host of the business podcast "Den Nye Standard", and she is also involved with social media and SEO in the form of outreach and digital PR.

Articles written by Isabella


User journey

October 18, 2023
Discover user journeys and how they can improve your business. Learn how to create and optimize user journeys for increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

Understanding LinkedIn's algorithm 2023

August 9, 2023
LinkedIn can seem like an impenetrable jungle. That's why I set out to crack the code to understand LinkedIn's algorithm in 2023.

Strengthen your brand narrative with storytelling

28 February 2023
Did you know that through storytelling you can create a stronger connection with your target audience while building a strong brand? Read more here.

How to build an effective outreach strategy

24 February 2023
Do you feel lost when you hear the word outreach? Get help to create an outreach strategy that adds value to your business.

Avoid the biggest branding mistakes - and build a strong brand

24 February 2023
Want to build a strong brand? Read on to learn about the biggest branding mistakes and what you should do instead!
How to make a podcast? Get answers here.

How to make a podcast? 5 steps to podcasting in your branding strategy

10 February 2023
Why is podcasting a brilliant media platform? And how do you implement it into your branding strategy? Get 5 tips here.