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GDPR bombshell: Google Analytics is illegal!

On 21/09/22, the Danish Data Protection Authority decided that if you use Google Analytics, you must make a plan to make your use legal by taking additional measures. Read the full press release issued by the Data Protection Authority here.

At present, there are two possible solutions, which you can read about below.

We will update this post as new information becomes available.

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Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

1. Using reverse proxy

The first solution is to use a reverse proxy (server) that allows
to pseudonymise the personal data collected. This will legalise the use of Google Analytics - provided the following is complied with.

A proxy server is a server that acts as a link between two connections. The server must be hosted in the EU to comply with the law. It is possible to implement reverse proxy through different providers.

In addition, it must be able to collect:

  • al original website data (+ Referral)
  • link tracking (URL and UTM parameters)
  • IP addresses
  • other identification parameters
  • all data that can contribute to identification (All Identification Data)
  • browser and hardware.

All the above data parameters must remain on the server. The server will thus only send the filtered data to Google Analytics. In this process, the personal data is pseudonymised.

Implementing the correct reverse proxy ensures that personal data is not transferred and shared with Google LLC in the United States.

2. Use a different tool for data collection

Another solution is to find a new data collection tool that can provide web statistics and that allows to comply with data protection rules.

Update * (29/09 -22)

There is a new announcement in the use of Google Analytics.

Head of Digital Commerce Carsten Rose Lundberg, together with the Confederation of Danish Enterprise, has stated:

"Although the announcement is serious and the solutions are not in a queue, the Confederation of Danish Enterprise recommends that companies take a deep breath before making decisions."

Niels Ralund, director of e-commerce at the Confederation of Danish Enterprise, has stated on his LinkedIn that the White House expects to publish the long-awaited decree on transatlantic data transfers - a so-called Privacy Shield agreement.

The decree can presumably be used as a rescue in the use of Google Analytics.

Read the news here

Update * (07/10 -22)

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