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The AIDA Model: Reinforce the message in
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Do you know the AIDA model? When you need to structure and design advertising, sales, etc., the AIDA model is an important communication model. Especially in sales, it is important to know where to start and which direction to go. That's why many people use the simple AIDA model, which makes sales clear and easy.

If this is your first encounter with the model or you just need to brush up on the details, you can learn more about the AIDA model right here.

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Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

AIDA - an effective communication model

If you work in communications or marketing, the AIDA model is a simple but useful tool you should know. It is often used in marketing to ensure that you get the right message across and reach the right audience.

The AIDA model has a hierarchical order that should lead to a sale in the last step. But a sale doesn't just appear out of the blue and requires thorough preparation to succeed. That is why the AIDA model consists of 4 phases: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

The phases identify the cognitive stages that a potential buyer goes through before making a sale. It is a buying funnel where potential customers can jump back and forth between the different phases that support them in completing the final purchase.

Previously, this relationship was only between buyer and company. However, it is no longer that simple, as today there is a new player - social media. The various goals of AIDA can therefore also be achieved through information added by other customers through social networks and communities.

AIDA models

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The 4 phases of the AIDA model

But what exactly do the 4 phases contain?

A - attention

In this phase, you make sure to catch the recipient's attention. This is the first stage leading up to the second stage. Factors that attract attention are layout and anything that catches the eye such as catchy headlines, images or that the recipient seems to recognise what is being shown.

It takes just a few seconds to attract the attention of a potential customer. If you don't, people will quickly move on to something else - and it's game over.

I - interest

The next stage is to create consumer interest. It is not enough to capture the attention of a potential customer. You also need to maintain interest and stimulate curiosity so that the recipient wants to explore your product or service further.

You therefore need to find out exactly what the consumer's interests are so that you can retain them. In the interest phase, you explain in more detail what the advertisement, etc. is really about. This is where the product is sold to the recipient and the need is ignited.

D - desire

Here we are talking about desire, and if users reach this stage, it is because they want the product or service being offered. Therefore, it is important to appeal to the user's desires. Give them what they want. You need to convince recipients that they MUST own what you are advertising. This requires you to have your arguments in order.

A - action

The last phase of the model is the action part itself, and it is also this that is by far the most important. This is where the user will interact with your communication and either buy the product or learn more about your service. This is where conversions are created.

On websites, actions can be taken via, for example, CTA buttons that take the user to a purchase page or similar. Once the user has pressed "buy", an important conversion has taken place - namely that the "visitor" has now become a "customer".

Who can use the model?

AIDA is often used in educational institutions as it is a very simple and manageable tool to analyse advertisements and the like. In the labour market, however, the AIDA model is also widely used and is useful for both consumers and sellers. The model provides a good understanding of the product or service being advertised and the intended target audience.

If you want to get better acquainted with business methods and sales models, the AIDA model is a good place to start. Anyone who has a business that promotes a product or service in some way can therefore benefit from using the model. In fact, the AIDA model frames your products in a way that makes them relevant and segmented, making it an excellent starting point for any business.

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